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When it comes to altering someone’s look, there’s no compromise. Pleasing clients is always our aim and mission. Whether looking for a single session or thinking of a project, you can expect professionalism and care.

Colour Services rates start at: 

  • Root Touch Up: $85+

  • Root Touch Up (no ammonia): 113+

  • Long Roots: $113+

  • Root Melt: $100+

  • Toner: $100+

  • Whole Head: $200+

  • Whole Head (Long Hair): $300+

Highlight Service Rates start at:

  • Short Length (Half Head): $113+

  • Short Length (Full Head): $140+

  • Long Length (Half Head): $140+

  • Long Length (Full Head): $190+

Balayage Service Rates start at:

  • Short Length: $250+

  • Medium Length: $350+

  • Long Length: $550+

*Please be advised: prices are subject to change based on hair length, thickness, integrity, and consultation*

*Please note, we require a deposit of 50% for services such as balayages.*

*cancellation policy is as follows: 20% if cancelled within 48 hours and 50% if cancelled day of*


At Hair By Jeffrey, we transform your look with our expert skills and years of experience. We ensure you leave our salon looking and feeling your absolute best.

Haircut rates (wash and style included) start at: 

  • Bangs: $20+

  • Short Length: $70+

  • Medium Length: $80+

  • Long Length: $100+ 

  • Long Length (Thick Hair): $125+

  • Extra Long Length: $125+

  • Men's Haircut: $38+ 

  • Child Hair: by consultation only 

*Please be advised: prices are subject to change based on hair length, thickness, integrity, and consultation*

For more information about this service, get in touch.

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With years of experience, Jeffrey has perfected the art of the round brush blow dry. Whether you need flawless hair for a special event or want a week of fabulous hair, our blow-dry, curling, and straightening services promise perfect results every time.

BlowDry Rates start at:

  • Short Length: $35+

  • Chin Length: $45+

  • Medium Length: $55+

  • Long Length: $85+

  • Long Length and Thick Hair: $125

  • Ultra Length: $113+

Please note: Prices are subject to change based on hair length, thickness, condition, and consultation.

To schedule an appointment, please get in touch.

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Experience the transformative power of Olaplex, a professional salon treatment designed to repair damaged, dry, and brittle hair. Whether used as a stand-alone treatment or mixed into our colour and highlighting services, Olaplex delivers remarkable results for all hair types, curl patterns, and thicknesses. Its patented ingredient, Bis-Aminopropyl Diglycol Dimaleate, works from the inside out to restore and rejuvenate compromised hair, leaving it healthy and velvety smooth.

Take the first step towards beautiful, resilient hair by scheduling an Olaplex appointment today.

Olaplex Service Rates start at:

  • Stand Alone Treatment: $60+

  • In Colour/Bleach: $45+

Please note: Prices are subject to change based on hair length, thickness, integrity, and consultation.

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Experience the next evolution in hair colouring with Eufora's colorELIXIR. Unlike traditional methods that focus on repairing and reattaching disulfide bonds only after they’ve been damaged, Eufora’s revolutionary approach challenges this norm by introducing an additive that prevents bond breakage during the colouring and highlighting process.

The colorELIXIR's simple two-step system offers unparalleled protection through prevention, ensuring that your hair remains strong and healthy. Now, you can colour confidently, achieving multi-level lift without compromising hair integrity. Elevate your colouring experience with Eufora's colorELIXIR, and enjoy vibrant, resilient hair like never before.

  • In Colour/Bleach: $45+


Discover the ultimate in hair care with Eufora's Pro Treatment. This innovative system combines a conditioning base with service-enhancing boosters, allowing for incredibly customizable results tailored to your hair needs. Utilizing advanced technology, Eufora’s Pro Treatment penetrates deep into the hair strand, strengthening the internal keratin structure by creating additional hydrogen and ionic bonds.

Whether you're looking to restore vitality, enhance shine, or improve overall hair health, Eufora’s Pro Treatment provides the solution. Experience the transformative power of personalized hair care with Eufora, and enjoy stronger, more resilient hair with every treatment.

Treatments start at:

  • $113+

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Set curls in your hair long after you wash 

Service Rates start at:

  • Short Length: $120+

  • Long Length: $150+

*Please be advised: prices are subject to change based on hair length, thickness, integrity, and consultation*

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Where Beauty Lives

Created in 1997, Eufora is designed for the longevity and quality of great hair. Made with botanical Aloe Vera as its first ingredient in all their products, Eufora is vegan and cruelty-free, and we are proud to advertise Eufora exclusively at Hair by Jeffrey since 2003.

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The Art of Hair Design

Keune started in 1922 with Jan Keune, a pharmacist from Amsterdam, and his fascination for curls. Through many trials and tribulations, Keune Haircosmetics became official in 1925. Keune Hair Tinta and Semi-Permanent Colour is ammonia-free, silk protein-based, and used at Hair by Jeffrey since 1991.

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Incredible experience through and through; I've always left salons with some dissatisfaction, telling myself it is no big deal, feeling stressed when looking for a different place because of many mishaps in the past; This is the first time I left feeling 100% happy with my hair! I'm not an easy trim, my hair is damaged, has a curl pattern difficult to manage between hydration and making it too heavy, my lifestyle does not allow for the healthiest of hair, yet Jeffrey and his daughter took it all in, gave me a thorough consultation and lots of education on what I can do to have decent hair! It was kind, incredibly informative and the end result is all I could hope for. Looking forward to seeing them again!

Mishka Russell

Jeffrey was a hero from the beginning. My fiancée had her hair and makeup done prior to our engagement shoot, it did not turn out at all how she imagined. With a few hours to go we were scrambling to find someone to fix her hair before our photoshoot.

As soon as Jeffrey answered the phone I felt better immediately, he was even willing to help us during his lunch break! As soon as she sat down in the chair he went to work and you could tell that experience was now in play. I was mesmerized watching him undo and fix her hair, his decades of experience being showcased. Within 30 minutes she looked completely different and much better.

The best part of all is that Jeffrey could tell she was nervous/upset and continued to tell her that everything will be okay and he would fix it. He sure did.

Jeffrey is an extremely polite, professional and humble man who I would recommend to anyone. Will definitely be returning!

Kevin Hodder

I’ve been getting my hair cut here for as long as i can remember. Jeffrey is a master in his craft and he, along with his two daughters are very knowledgeable and take pride in their work. After my first visit since the pandemic, I was relieved to see how serious and determined they all were to make my visit as safe as possible, whether it be from sanitizing or keeping social distancing measures in place within the salon. Customer service is everything these days and they’re definitely top tier when it comes to making their clients happy!

Michael Villani-Cercone

I don’t even know where to start. I only have good things to say about this place. My hair hasn’t felt or looked this healthy and soft in a LONG time. The team at Hair by Jeffrey took such good care of me and helped me tackle my hair concerns by giving me a scalp treatment along with an Olaplex treatment to help nourish my hair for Fall. When it came to my haircut, they gave me exactly what I was looking for! They were so knowledgeable on hair and on products I was so impressed and put my trust in them immediately. I felt completely safe receiving a cut and style as there was constant sanitization and social distancing! I will definitely be returning. Thank you Hair by Jeffrey!

Eva Kovacevic

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